Students Involved in Geophysical Weather and Atmospheric Studies


SIGWA is the Tagalog word for an upcoming storm from which its acronym stands for Students Involve in Geophysical Weather and Atmospheric Studies. A research grant was awarded by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, Dr. Arnie Azcarraga to Dr. Gil Nonato C. Santos, recipient of the DLSU Challenge Grant for the research project entitled DLSU Air Weather Observation System (AWOS) for the DLSU District Schools and Science Schools in the Philippines. Additional information on the research grant are as follows:


Research Grant:

Challenge grant Recipient 
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (2012)- Dr. Arnulfo Azcarraga 

Convenor of DLSU Philippines and LASSO Schools:

Mr. Josemari S. Calleja 
Associate Vice President for Campus Services (AVCCS) 

Mr. Antonio Carlos M. Maralit
Director, Campus Sustainability Office (CSO)

Research Collaborators:

Dr. Auxencia A. Limjap
Science Education Department

Dr. Maria Cecilia D. Galvez
Physics Department - LIDAR Research Group

Dr. Ma. Luisa D. Enriquez
CENSER Director

Dr. Jose Santos R. Carandang IV
Chair - Biology Department

Research Assistant:

Mr. Abel F. Ole
Physics Department


Student Participation

Weather observation is done with the help of the students. Teaching them proper scientific data collection methodologies and appreciate more the weather we experience everyday. After encoding and logging of meteorological data, students also learn about certain data formats convention that is important for their data to be easily understandable by other users.


How we take Measurements

Meteorological variables are measured by students using an Air Weather Observation System (AWOS) capable of measuring the following:

  • Temperature
  • Relative Humidity
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Rainfall observation and historical data

Currently, 40 AWOS stations are going to be located in DLSU campuses all over the Philippines. Weather data will be collected and displayed on this website. We make use of the Celestron Deluxe weather station to monitor meteorological parameters like daily minimum and maximum temperature, daily accumulated rainfall, as well as wind speed and direction. Have you attended the SIGWA Training Seminar and set up your weather station correctly? Verify installation procedure by checking at the Personal Weather Station with Wireless Sensors for Temperature document file.



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