Students Involved in Geophysical Weather and Atmospheric Studies



1. How do you forecast weather?

We use a kind of software called numerical weather prediction model to simulate the future state of the atmosphere or weather. Current science enables us to forecast around a week into the future with varying degree of accuracy. In general, the farther the forecast day, the less accurate.


2. How accurate are your forecasts?

Numerical weather prediction models are far from being perfect. In fact, even with massive developments in this field for the last several decades, models do not come close to replicating reality. That being said, our forecasts are fairly accurate with misses at times.


3. Are your forecasts better than other forecasts?

Other forecasts are better suited to other countries. We try to use the most suitable parameters for the Philippines in our forecasts to provide the most accurate forecasts we can. Plus, we use a higher resolution spacing to pin point locations.


4. Why is my city / place not included? can you include it in your forecasts?

We try to add more cities whenever possible. If you want your city included in the select option, give us the name of your place including latitude and longtitude (you can use Google Earth). We will be glad to add it.


5. Why was today's forecast wrong?

Again, weather models are NOT 100% perfect. We update regularly to increase accuracy but the real world is just very complex to perfectly predict the weather.





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